NAAC Accredited Affliliated to Kashmir University

Admission Process

The institution is affiliated to the University of Kashmir. The admission process is transparent and centralized. University of Kashmir advertises for the admission in local as well as in national/regional newspapers and also on its website. The college supplements this by placing additional advertisements in the print media. The admission brochure along with the admission form is available through the university of Kashmir and lists institutions affiliated to it. The students are asked to give their preferences for the institutions they want to seek    admission. Based on the merit in the qualifying examinations and the relevant cut off (minimum 45%) the university shortlists the students and as per preference & intake capacity, communicates the selection list to the college. An admission committee comprising of the faculty then verifies the documents of the students and admits them in the college. These students are provided with the college prospectus, describing rules, regulations, evaluation and related details for the information of the students. At this stage fee, as prescribed by the university, is collected and the university share along with the student registration is deposited with the regulatory body at the end of the admission process.
The college and indeed the university, does not make any distinction as to the background of the students. The only admission criterion is the merit in the qualifying examination. The college is a co-educational college and has a policy of not refusing admission to a physically challenged student. The college provides fee concession to economically poor students and scholarships to meritorious students. This is @ Rs 2700 per student and to about 10% of the total number of admitted students. Students who are physically challenged or from SOS are provided with mess subsidy.
At the beginning of the academic session the freshers are assessed for their knowledge, skills & aptitude by giving them tests and assignments. Their teachers also counsel them and their strengths & inadequacies if any, are pointed out.
Research being the important aspect in the development of education and to impart quality education to the teachers, institution, inspires its faculty for research work. GMCEJ has  Research and Competitive Wing which takes up different projects in different fields. The wing is registered with its regulatory body i.e. University of Kashmir in the year 2006. The faculty is facilitated through adjustment in time schedule and secretarial support. The other faculty members are also involved for assisting to carry on the projects.

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