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NAAC Accredited Affliliated to Kashmir University


College Activities:

In order to make trainees good citizens of tomorrow and serve the society and nation to the best of their capabilities much emphasis is laid on practice of teaching. Prior to actual practice of teaching each trainee is given rigorous training in various teaching skills.
With the purpose to make each trainee an effective teacher demonstration on various skills is initially given by teachers that are followed by full fledged programme on Micro Teaching. Micro teaching is skill oriented programme which prepares the students for Macro Teaching. The pupil teacher attains mastery over teaching through micro teaching cycle. Each trainee is required to prepare fifteen macro lessons in any two teaching subjects.

Preparation of Teaching Aids:

The teacher trainees are given training for the preparation of different teaching aids, related to the school subjects. These teaching aids are to be prepared for all lessons (Micro & Macro).
A workshop, on preparation of teaching aids is organized by the college in the college campus. After the workshop an exhibition of these teaching aids is organized. Each Teacher Trainee is required to deliver fifteen macro lessons in actual class room situation under the supervision of college teacher and principal of that particular school.


Apart from Teaching in actual classroom situation each trainee has to keep record of various aspects of school. A student has to maintain the record of morning assembly, time table, attendance, examination and admission.

Criticism Lesson:

Every trainee has to deliver a criticism lesson on each teaching subjects which is maintained by the committee constituted by the Principal of the college.

Final Lesson:

For final practice of teaching examiners are appointed by the University of Kashmir. Besides observing the final lessons the examiner is also supposed to check the following particulars of a each student.

1 Two micro lesson file
2 Macro lesson files
3 Internship file
4 Teaching Aids

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